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  • Lake union I would never swim in, because of the major reasons you called out. It’s heavily trafficked by planes and boats, and a lot of the boats don’t care, or their rich people who are not paying full attention. I’ve seen people SUPing in there, at least you’re more visible i guess. Idk if it’s right by like, their dock they own then fine, because no one should be coming in, but I would never venture out very far. Way way way too busy of a waterway.

    Alki Beach and Golden Gardens is where I’d go if you want to get in the water. I haven’t heard any bacterial issues here in WA, but maybe do a news search on it? Those areas everyone expects people to be in the water and boats don’t go near.

  • While I run my own Lemmy instance, I can say with 100% certainty - do not host a Lemmy instance on your own hardware.

    It’s tempting, and I did, but don’t. The reason? CSAM. Your hosting stuff for other people, and if someone uploads something horrible to another instance, that is federated with you. That means now you are hosting that content.

    The feds then have full rights to kick down your door and seize your hardware. On the cloud however, they’ll seize your VM , but your home stuff is okay.

    Hosting Lemmy is great - but it’s something you really have to think about. Hosting your content is awesome, fun, and rewarding. I’ve learned hosting other people’s content is… Not as fun.

  • I legit had this stupid fucking argument with this moron who claimed that they should have the right to be intolerant. No dude, your rights end where your fist hits my face. People claim freedom we aren’t completely free, we live in a society together. We agreed as a society that murder and assault are not allowed, and that could be considered curtailing “freedoms”. These morons though don’t see the nuance and just want to be racist pricks